Kristi Eramo – Interviewing Athletes

For this "interviewing athletes" blog post, Kristi Eramo has answered some questions about her training and highlights, and gives some advice for younger athletes. Not only did Kristi take 8th place in the 2016 crossfit games, but she also has an astounding background as an endurance athlete, competing in the 2011 USA Age Group National... Continue Reading →


A Week In Training

Hi everyone, welcome back to the blog. Today I'm going to be doing a "week in training" post outlining what I have been doing the last week. My training has changed in the last month as I have been running less and strength training more to improve my strength and speed and keep my previous... Continue Reading →

One Weekend, Two Races

I've started the month of December with two races; Sussex league cross country at Lancing Manor, and Crowborough 10k. At the beginning of the cross country season I planned out what races I wanted to do. As I don't want to travel hours for a race, I stuck to races nearby, leaving only a handful... Continue Reading →

Sussex League: Bexhill

On Saturday, I finally raced my first cross country race – (if you don’t include running cross country for my primary school.) We set off in the morning and began the 70 minute car journey, this wasn’t as bad as I expected as the route was quite scenic and we passed the sea. I also... Continue Reading →

Crawley K2 10km Race

Yesterday I headed down to Crawley with my Dad, as I was about to run my first 10km race. I wasn’t too nervous as I had adjusted my training with longer long runs leading up to the race, and I knew this was my first race at this distance, so I was aiming to maintain... Continue Reading →

A week in training

This week's post is what this week's training has looked like. Since September my training has changed quite drastically for two main reasons. Firstly, hockey season has started and triathlon season has ended, which means more of playing hockey and less focus on triathlon, as time does not permit me to do both. In addition... Continue Reading →

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